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Eusébio Camargo

Eusébio Camargo

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Oceanic Flight 815 out of Sydney, Australia is mysteriously brought down out of the sky, crashing on an uncharted island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. The survivors quickly learn they must band together in order to have any hope of rescue, because the island is treacherous and holds many secrets. As they are about to learn, the survivors have secrets of their own . . .

In the show's third season, Jack, Kate, and Sawyer have been captured by the mysterious Others. Forced to live in their encampment, they learn more of the island's secrets and realize their enemies have an agenda all of their own. Meanwhile, Locke is brought back into communion with the island as it wraps him closer into its own insidious plot. The show has announced it will run for three more seasons (A total of 6) of 16 episodes and end in 2010.

Next episode: The Economist ---------------Thursday February 14, 2008
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Série: Lost
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